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Apr 27.17 Magnesium: Impact on Auto Industry Highlighted at World Magnesium Conference
Light, strong, versatile. Magnesium exhibits these and many more superior characteristics that make it an increasingly popular choice for use in aeronautics, consumer electronics, health care, and especially in the automotive sector.

The 2017 World Magnesium Conference (May 21-23), hosted by the International Magnesium Association (IMA), will showcase the application of magnesium by the global auto industry in a series of information sessions designed to provide industry professionals with the latest information and advances on magnesium processes, applications, technology and environmental concerns.

Alan Clark of the CM Group, global headquarters located in Adelaide, Australia, (ďan industry research boutique, specializing in supply-side commodity analysis,Ē according to the company website) will talk about Global Primary Magnesium Supply and Demand Balance.
In 2016 many base and minor metals industries in several markets experienced some significant, unexpected supply-demand fluctuations. Magnesium was impacted by big swings in Chinese inventories and the ongoing effects of chronic oversupply. CM Group will present its analysis of the global primary magnesium industry supply-demand balance for 2016 in the context of its independent analysis and proprietary industry data set.

An expert panel representing Meridian Lightweight Technologies, Plymouth, Michigan, U.S. (manufacturer and supplier of magnesium die cast components and assemblies for automobile manufacturers worldwide) will discuss Third Generation Ford F-150 Die-Cast Magnesium Radiator Support Evolution.
Three consecutive generations of Fordís F-150 full-size truck have been assembled with a die-cast magnesium alloy radiator support. The design of the radiator support has evolved with each generation, resulting in a lighter and thinner component. The reduction in mass can in part be attributed to improved design, corrosion mitigation, and modular assembly strategies, as well as advances in technology with each generation.

Alan Luo, Professor of Engineering at The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.) will speak about Enhancing the Ductility of Cast and Wrought Magnesium Alloy Products.
Poor ductility has been a major barrier to widespread applications of cast and wrought magnesium alloys in structural applications. Professor Luo will present an overview of recent research and development on ductility enhancement in both cast and wrought magnesium products, through alloy design and innovative processing. Although high-pressure die-casting has been the dominant process for manufacturing magnesium castings, new process technologies are being developed for high-integrity castings for improved ductility.

The IMA will present its annual awards to industry leaders at the three-day World Magnesium Conference, including four Awards of Excellence (Automotive Cast Products, Commercial Cast Products, Wrought Products and Process) and an Environmental Responsibility Award.

The annual conference is the premier meeting for all magnesium industry leaders, with unparalleled opportunities to connect and network with other IMA members, expand and strengthen skill sets via technical sessions, learn from the best of the best in the industry, refresh perspectives and reinvigorate businesses via new methodologies, tools, and partners.
The IMA works to promote the use of magnesium in material selection and to encourage innovative applications of this versatile metal.

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