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Mar 28.17 Poised For Takeoff. Please Take Your (Magnesium) Seats.
Four leading aerospace interiors firms have collaborated on a markedly different, magnesium-based airline passenger concept seat that bespeaks “a new word in comfort.” London-based design firm, tangerine, joined with seat cover manufacturers, Bradfor Ltd, plastic injection moulding company, IPC Mouldings and magnesium manufacturer, Magnesium Elektron, to create POISE, the innovative seat that will be presented at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg Messe, Germany April 4-6.

POISE showcases the close creative and supply-side talents that created the innovative seat from conception, through design, to a showcase prototype in just eight weeks.

Sarka Jeremic, Product Manager--Aircraft Interiors at Magnesium Elektron
(Wilmslow, Cheshire, United Kingdom) said of POISE and the development team, “We were pleased to be a part of this project. Magnesium is the lightest structural material. The latest revision to SAE standard AS8049, revision C, which removes the magnesium ban, was published, so there is now a clear certification route for seats containing Elektron®43 magnesium alloy.” The reference is to a design standard recording the removal of a long-standing regulatory ban on the use of magnesium alloys in commercial aircraft seats.

Magnesium Elektron helped lead an intensive industry effort to make modern lightweight magnesium alloys available to aircraft seat designers and manufacturers. Previously, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowed the use of certain magnesium alloys under “special conditions.”
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which develops standards for both the automotive and aviation industries, has published SAE AS8049 Revision C, changing a key statement that had read “Magnesium alloys shall not be used” to this new wording: “Magnesium alloys may be used in aircraft seat construction provided they are tested to and meet the flammability performance requirements in the FAA Fire Safety Branch document: Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook – DOT/FAA/AR-00/12, Chapter 25, Oil Burner Flammability Test for Magnesium Alloy Seat Structure.”

“This is what the industry was waiting for as it enables the benefits of lighter materials with no detrimental impact on performance or safety and without the need for new production techniques. POISE is an excellent example of using new ideas and high tech materials to give the passenger a new feel of comfort,” she added.

Dan Flashman, Senior Designer from tangerine, said POISE "rethinks the structure of the economy class seat" to enhance the passenger experience, creating extra legroom for every person, irrespective of where their seat is positioned relative to the seat track,” adding "Creating the seat design around delivering this small innovation will have a significant impact on the level of comfort enjoyed by the passenger. Other features such as extended headrest wings, magnetic meal tray, are only made possible by the close collaboration and buy-in from the key stakeholders.”

The Aircraft Interiors Expo is the world’s leading event for airlines and the supply chain to source the latest innovations, technologies and products for cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment and passenger comfort industries. More than 14,000 senior aircraft interiors industry professionals, airlines and international press attend the Expo annually.
For more details, exhibitor and registration information, visit

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